What’s Best in Roojai’s New Online Insurance Service

Vehicle insurance is a tricky business because you can’t easily repose your trust on insurance companies or their agents and brokers. They may offer lucrative plans for your vehicle and sometimes discounts on their plan but you can never understand intricacies of these offers unless you have enough knowledge about insurance companies’ terms and conditions.

Why most insurance users fail to get suitable claim

The insurance document contains terms and conditions having a long list of clauses that most people hardly read or understand because everyone is interested in buying an insurance plan. The need of these hefty clauses arises when someone needs to lodge a claim. The insurance documents sometimes fail to offer its value of claim reimbursement due to conditions laid down in the document. Then you feel better to leave your claim rather than to lodge for reimbursement.

Car insurance

A new insurance service with new way of business

The Thailand’s insurance industry is government regulated and insurance users feel better financial protection to buy some insurance plan from any insurance company or through its agent. The online vehicle insurance is a new trend which is convenient but it’s not easy to rely on online insurance services. You might not have heard of Roojai Company Limited and roojai.com online car and motorbike insurance because it is new but this service is superb. Roojai Company Limited functions all days of a week during business hours except public holidays but roojai.com works 24/7. You can contact this company via email, phone, chat box or by sending a message for your two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicle insurance needs. if you have bought a policy through this service and you need claim help, you can use its emergency number or mobile claim app for instant processing.

Best vehicle insurance support

When you are dealing on roojai.com, you can expect every support on its online platform, and an assurance of best insurance price and claim settlement without going in for complex claim settlement procedure.


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