Pros & Cons of Owning an Electric Golf Car

Golf carts, also called, golf cars, are popular small vehicles. Traditional gas-powered golf cars are left behind with invention of electric golf cars because the latter are energy-efficient and environment-friendly. These vehicles are also known for noiseless run and are smoke-free. The golfers prefer these vehicles for golf course and for their personal applications.

Why should you own an electric golf car?

In the past, these vehicles were used to run in the golf course to collect golf balls and to carry golfers, but more applications of electric golf car have been explored over many years of its advent. In modern time, golf cars are used not just for leisure around the golf course, but you can drive it anywhere. The new models of golf cars are designed for different applications.


They look so cute and also offer a comfort ride to the passengers. Golf cars are good for personal use and they can be put to commercial applications such as transportation of goods. This vehicle is a good option for elderly people who want a smooth and noiseless ride for visit to neighborhood store or to visit their physician. It is obviously a safe mode of transportation due to small size and low speed. It is also not complicated to operate. This vehicle is inexpensive to purchase and is affordable to maintain due to low future maintenance costs.

Pros and cons of owning golf car

We can’t say that a รถกอล์ฟ is the best vehicle for all purposes. Everything has its pros and cons. You can’t exactly say whether conventional car or golf car is more advantageous. There are some advantages of owning a conventional car but some advantages can be derived from owning this electric car. The major advantages of electric-battery powered vehicles have been discussed in previous paragraphs. You have some disadvantages because this vehicle bars you going to highways or long distances due to speed restrictions and recharging required for the battery after travel to certain number of miles.

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