An Innovative Technology in Golf Car to Play Solo Golf by a Disabled Golfer

ขาย รถ กอล์ฟ is a little name for a small vehicle which was initially used to carry around disabled people through large golf course. In fact, idea of this vehicle for golf clubs was perceived from a small vehicle for carrying disabled people to a grocery store.

Golf cart or golf car

Many big stores in United States and other countries keep small battery-operated carts in their stores to facilitate disabled people to shop on their stores without support of any person, but these carts are quite different from golf carts that are used in golf course. A battery-operated cart on a store is designed for a single person, but golf cart was initially designed to carry two golfers at a time. Later models of electric or battery-operated golf cars were manufactured in different models and innovations to facilitate use of these vehicles for more applications than just to move on the surface of golf course.

ขาย รถ กอล์ฟ

Modifications in golf car

A modification was made from initial 3-wheeled golf car to the models having four wheels. The modifications were also made in steering technology with the fixing of tiller-based or steering wheel in new models. Some models were produced with features such as reverse gear, speed controller, windshield, etc.

Solo golf car for disabled

A disabled golfer can enjoy solo game in the gold course today without needing anyone to support him to play golf. The credit goes to the SoloRider, an innovative technology that produced an adaptive golf cart. This single user golf car has been specifically designed for disabled persons, allowing them access to the golf course and have an immaculate experience of golf sport. This golf cart’s exceptional feature of swiveled seat which can also extend to an upright position, offers the disabled golfer a good support to stand upright and swing during the play, using both hands, more conveniently than any other way, making golf play simple like a normal person.

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