Gangnam English Meeting: The Objectives & Outcomes

강남영어모임 is the term used in context with public speaking in Seoul, South Korea. This country has keen learners of English language and support is also provided by the South Korean government. There’s another support from Toastmasters international, a non-profit organization that invites people from all walks of life for learning English skills and explore their talents. This organization has made great efforts and gifted many great professional super star speakers and leaders to this world. People’s enthusiasm to learn, motivation and efforts from Toastmasters international, and support from the Government make an integrated effort for English learning and promotion of English in this country.

Gangnam English Meeting: Meaning

Gangnam English Meeting refers to meeting organized by Toastmasters international for people interested in learning English speaking skills. Gangnam is a territory in Seoul, South Korea. The meeting place for English learning is fixed at Gangnam station. That’s why this name has been given. The objective seems to be a simple teaching, but it’s too big and beyond someone’s thought.


What can be achieved with this objective and what has been achieved so far? You may not imagine, but South River Toastmasters (SRTM) has trained uncountable number of people and created many great speakers and leaders by their efforts. the speakers created by this non-profit organization are not only professionals but also super stars that have earned worldwide fame. Imagine a country which has Korean as a native language and having great English speakers and powerful leaders. Isn’t it wonderful? It is because you can understand what efforts have been made to sharpen their communicative skills.

Gangnam English Meeting: The purpose

Gangnam English Meeting serves the great purpose and Toastmasters international is serving the community for this great purpose. This type of passion for the language other than native language is rarely seen in any part of the globe. No doubt, South Korea has progressed in developing English skills.

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