Camp Gear: Things You Should Carry for Camping

Camping and hiking are outdoor recreational activities, though different in some aspects but have many similarities. These activities involve overnight stays away from home in a shelter, such as a tent. Hiking has some seasonal restrictions but camping can be enjoyed in all seasons. The trend of camping is very popular in some western countries and this trend grew in 20th century when this trend got association with luxuries. You can’t have home like luxuries in camping, but few amenities can be availed on camping location, if you carry necessary camping accessories or camp gear with you for this activity.

Basic camp gear you need for camping

Camping gear, the accessories needed for recreational camping activity greatly depend on type of intended camp trip. You always need to carry basic camp gear with you for every type of camping trip. These basic accessories include shelter (usually camping tent), cooking equipment, sleeping gear, light source, and fire supplies.

camp gear

Backpacking tents are most important and tent type and number depends on number of people for this facility is required during camping, maybe 2, 4, or more. Light source is second important accessory because electricity is not usually available on camping sites. Camping sites are usually away from cities and you will need to cook your own food. Cooking equipment and food raw materials are, therefore, important to carry on camping. Sleeping in a tent is not as comfortable as your home environment. You should, therefore, carry sleeping gear with you.

Recommended camp gear for your trip

Besides, there are other types of camp gear such as men’s clothing and women’s clothing (depending on men and women in camping), camp furniture, coolers and accessories, hammocks, kayaks, bikes, pet gear, etc. These are optional accessories and are based on your specific camping needs. There are many good brands for these products and you can choose good quality camp accessories of any of the good brand so that you can enjoy your camping in the best way.

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